The magic behind Little Birdie

We are so proud to announce our first introduction to the Little Birdie website.

The Little Birdie team welcomes you to a new, innovative website based on our love for creativity and the joy of giving someone you love a gift from the heart.

Have you ever asked someone "where did you hear about them?" and they responded, "Well, a Little Birdie told me". Now, that Little Birdie is us. We love story telling, and we love to share ideas with other people who are as creative as we are. The Little Birdie team and our partners are a group of talented, passionate creatives who want to provide an amazing collection of goods, gifts and décor to our customers with the aim of spreading the word and adding value to this wonderful community that you have been invited to.

Our venture is all about bringing creative people together. We strive to show people something a little different. As the African saying goes, "It takes a village to raise a child", we acknowledge that it takes a tribe to make a dream come true. Our dream is based on showcasing the best creative talent in South Africa.

We hope to whisper magic in your ear and to tell you about the good things happening around us – we invite you to join us on an unforgettable journey!

We love what we do and we are looking forward to sharing our passion with you!


Much love,

Mel and the Little Birdie Team