Wooden Wonders - when nature gives you a little help

Did you know that 20 – 30% of people are hypersensitive to metals? Essentially, it is a “disorder of the immune system” and causes localised itching and swelling when skin is in contact with certain metals. This also causes unhappiness when you are allergic to your wedding ring!

Thankfully, the Little Birdie team have discovered some skilful, innovative craftsmen and women who are creating beautiful wooden rings, and we are happy to showcase them for you. As well as being unique, trendy and environmentally friendly, these rings are helping people across the world who are unable to wear their wedding rings.


Jacques bough a ring from us - and we had some great feedback from him! "

I’ve had my ring for a week now, you can see attached inside of ring finger the issue with eczema, this is a huge improvement from what it was initially when I had my gold wedding band.  The photo from the top show the marks on the corner of my hand also healing now since I’ve started wearing the wood.

I am also using an aromatherapy candle wax just started with which seems to help.